Monday, December 30, 2013

New Childcare Rules

In the waning days of 2013 I like to look back and think about all the special gifts and graces received in the past year.

And the one that comes to mind at the moment is the very special Christmas Advent gift the powers that be at Our Lady of Peace Through Strength gave us parents after the school's Christmas Advent concert last week.

When we filed into the rented "worship space" at a local Protestant church concert hall we were read the following message:

We have a new rule this year. After the concert the children will return to the rehearsal room.  Parents must personally come down tot he rehearsal room and claim their children.  No child will be allowed to leave the room unescorted.

I think you also had to show proof that your kid was in fact your kid, but I'm not sure.  (Note to self:  bring passports next time.)

So the concert ends, the kids file out, and some of us start milling around the coffee urns.

"I guess the new rule is for the kids' safety,"  one mom opines.  "You know, with all the lawsuits and all.  I guess they're just being extra safe."

"So, I guess I should go get my kids,"  another remarked.

"Oh, I think they're safe where they are,"  a third said.  "Coffee?"

"Why not?"

So we all had a lovely, care-free, kid-free coffee break, thanks to the new rules.  Hey, if the powers hat be are offering free and guaranteed safe childcare, who are we to turn it down? 

I'm looking forward to more new rules.  This could get interesting.

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