Saturday, December 14, 2013

More News of the Season

It's amazing how Christmas brings out the crazy in so many people. And this time I'm not tslking about Mikey Weinstein.

You are, of course, following the Possum Drop controversy?

Here are the basics:

New York drops its crystal ball in Times Square on at midnight on New Year's Eve.  Half the country watches on TV.  With me so far?

Not to be outdone, the small (that's small- pop. 240) Appalachian community of Brasstown, NC, has its own New Year's tradition:  At the first stroke of the New Year it lowers a possum in a clear plastic box to the ground.  I assume the whole town watches.

Happy New Year!

Oh wait- here comes PETA.

Lawyers for the lobby People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals decided this act represented cruelty to possums.  And what kind of monster would do such a thing?

PETA sued.  The judge's ruling is expected any day now.

The full story is here.

Meanwhile all over the Christian world, donkeys, sheep and oxen are getting organized.

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