Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Suppose We Have To Talk About This

Pajama Boy.

You've seen him by now, of course.  20-something young Allen Ginsberg lookalike,  red plaid zip-up jumpsuit pajamas, almost certainly with footies.  I dont want to speculate about a drop bottom, but I wouldn't be surprised. 

Pajama Boy is the brainchild of the creative geniuses behind  I can imagine the brainstorming sessions  that went into his creation. 

"PJs.  I see PJs.  Plaid, you know?  One piece, zips up the front.  Like the kind my little sister used to wear." 

"You mean your little brother, right?"

 "Oh- uh, yeah.  Yeah, that's what  I meant."

"Hey here's an idea.  What about hot chocolate?  We can say he's drinking hot chocolate." 

"Dude, I've seen that model, he just screams 'lactose intolerant.'  I say no to hot chocolate."

"Well we can't very well give him a hot toddy, can we?  That's like something out of Dickens."

"Dickens...hmm.  We could work with that. 'If Tiny Tim had had Obamacare..."

"Dude, we're aiming at recent college graduates here.  They don't know who the hell Dickens is."

"Oh-- right."

"Wait- wait!  I've got it!  Pajama Boy is reading a big book.  'T'was the night before Christmas, when on CNN's feed, Not a creature was talking except Harry Reid--"

"No no no, you can't say 'Christmas!'"

"Damn, you're right."

Here's MSNBC on the subject.  Enjoy.

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