Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Post-Advent Season!

Oh dear.  Did I say "Advent" again?  I meant "Christmas."  Merry Christmas!

Sorry about the headline.  I'm still trying to shake off the Advent season.  We gave it our all this year.

If you've been reading this humble blog for a while, you know that Desperate Irish Housewife is a member of a kick-ass parish community.  We at Our Lady of Peace Through Strength yield to no one when it comes to observing proper rites and ritual.

Which is a great thing.  Always.  Well.  99% of the time.

This year, though, we gave it the final 1%:  we did not, repeat did NOT celebrate so much as a whiff of Christmas until Christmas Eve.

You're wondering what this looks like, right?

Well, we did have evergreen wreaths on the church doors for a few weeks.  But the ribbons were purple,  Purple, get it?  Advent is purple, so we had Advent wreaths.  Red and green are for Christmas.  The florist was probably a little confused, but that's ok.

The schoolchildren did not give a Christmas concert this year.  No no  no.  They gave an Advent concert.  "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" from Godspell and such.  The eighth grade girls wore no Christmas corsages as in years past.  Ever see an Advent corsage?  They're not much to look at, to be honest.  Roses weren't meant to be a slightly greyish purple.  They look kinda sickly that way.

And post-concert refreshments?  Were there Christmas cookies?  No, there were not.  There were sugar cookies decorated with purple and pink sugar. Get it?  Advent cookies.  Yummy.

In a penitential sort of way.

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