Tuesday, November 12, 2013

T'aint the Season

I am sitting in my local coffee shop, knocking back the caffeine, and suddenly I decide to pay attention to the Muzak being piped in from somewhere.

It's November 12, and I'm listening to Christmas music.

I have to give them credit. At least they had the decency to wait until after Halloween.  I'm pretty sure I can't say the same of the supermarkets, discount stores and wholesaler warehouses I usually frequent.

My reaction to early Christmas decorations, music, etc in the marketplace has changed over the years.  Once upon at time it made me feel indignant.  What!  "Deck the Halls" in October?  How dare they profane the sacred season!  Etc., etc.  That was back in my"Pompous Catholic" phase, from which I hope I have fully recovered.

Nowadays I mostly wish they'd hold off on the carols until December because I don't want to be sick of them by Christmas Eve.

But I just realized I now have a whole new reaction to jumping the Yuletide gun like this:  Panic.

Panic, when I think of all the stuff I am supposed to get done before mid-December.  Like finally facing the fact that my pre-lit Christmas tree- -that 8-foot, 100-pound monster in the attic-- is probably not up to another season.  Half the lights are dead and the other half are unreliable.

Which means, of course, that I'll have to haul it down from the attic, drag it out to the trash, and being negotiations with the Spouse for a new tree.

Which, in turn, brings up the eternal debate of "Real Or Artificial?"

Which always seems to turn personal.  Soul-searching.  My favorite thing to do, next to root canal.

I am definitely not ready for the holiday season.  Not yet.

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