Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Better Class of Junk

A few weeks ago Desperate went to a dinner party in New York.  Desperate does not like to brag but the fact is she counts a few very successful people among her friends.  I mean the kind who can afford to give dinner parties in New York.

Besides yours truly my successful friends invited a lot of their successful friends.  It turned out there was some kind of "Successful People convention in town and they were all getting together tp talk about their success.

Well.  The weather was gorgeous.  The restaurant was wonderful and the food was fabulous.  Right down to the little tins of homemade candies we got to take home with us.

You  might think that after a trip through the looking glass like that Desperate would find her old, ordinary life a tad dull.  But not a chance. That dinner changed my life.

How, you ask?

I'll tell you:  you should see the junk mail I've been getting since then.

For example, this brochure came last week:

"Around the World by First-Class Private Jet:  A Cultural Tapestries Journey."

Did you know about this?  That for a mere $99,950 (double occupancy) you can zip off on "a single journey to eight stunning destinations around the world"?    Catch you private jet in Seattle and proceed to Tokyo, China, Istanbul and Paris?  With a couple of other stops in between?  Oh, and you end up in Boston, which I can't help thinking would be something of a downer after Paris. Then again, Boston is not full of French people, so maybe you break even.

Or how about some "Educational Travel?"  For eight grand you can paddle around Alaska while some professor tells you all about climate change.  "Navigate the whale-rich waters of Icy Strait" sounds a little risky to me, but if that's your idea of a good time, go for it.  You can also "search for bears,, moose, eagles and sea lions."  I ask you, can you think of a better way to blow eight thousand bucks?

Thanks to that dinner party someone somewhere has decided I deserve a better class of junk mail.  It's like a dream come true.

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