Friday, October 04, 2013

Shutdown Week

Having a blog you neglect for as long as I have is like having an overdue library book.  You see it there on the table;  you know you should take it back. But you feel like such a dope for letting it get so overdue.  You can't face the gltares of the librarians, the reproachful looks from some kid who was no doubt waiting for the book al those weeks. The shame of it.  It's too much.

This is where being  a Catholic comes into play.

I mean, think about it.  St Peter f-ed up big time. Did he let it bring him down?  Well, yeah, but he kept working.

Humiliation?  Hey, it's good for you?  You screwed up!  And now you have to ADMIT IT and MOVE ON.  Man up!  Soldier on!  Pull up your socks!

Whew.  There.  I feel a little better now.

So-- if I have any readers left-- I'm back.

The big news this week of course is the shutdown of the United States government.  800,000 non-essential employees have been furloughed.

I'm sorry, I just reread what I typed.  800,000 non-essential employees?  We couldn't stop at 400,000, or even half a million?  Do we really need 800,00 employess who by definition we dont' really need?  Who the hell is running this place anyway--

Oh.  Right.

I have been on the lookout for signs of the anarchy the Prez promised us if the gov shut down. So far I've seen one notice online, on an CDC site:  something like "because of the lack of appropriations we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information."

Well, welcome to the Internet, CDCers.  I never would have doubted your word for a second otherwise.

Besides all this talk of panic misses the point.  If the government is shut don, then that make this a week for some fun and exciting new activities.

Play a rented video at home-- and charge your kids a quarter.

Tear all those pesky tags off your pillows. Yeah, you read that right, all of 'em.  Go wild.

Choose your least favorite "protected wildlife" species and go taunt a few.

The possibilities are endless.  I say we get all the fun out of this shutdown that we possibly can. They don't come nearly often enough.

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Catherine said...

Love your writing! Glad you are back!