Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lives of the Saints

This week the students at Our Lady of Peace Through Strength grammar school will observe the Feast of All Saints in traditional Catholic school fashion.  Every kid will come to school costumed as a saint.

Just as in every other year, I'm sure it will be quite a sight.  There will be the children of the online-oriented, showing up in their Amazon.com grade costumes -- the Mother Teresas with the full habits and so on.  There will be the children of the skilled craftsmoms in homemade costumes that acutally look better than the store-bought ones.  Many of the boys will choose to be St Francis of Assisi, if only for the opportunity to sport a false beard for a day.  Then there will be the kids after Desperate's own heart, who come to school every year in a dyed bedsheet and are still trying to decide  which saint they're representing as they arrive at school.

DIH likes to think she is creative but she makes no claim to being crafty.  She can barely thread a needle.  So her creativity takes other forms.

My parents travelled to Spain once a few years ago and brought back a really cool little girl's flamenco dress.  My daughter wore it for All Saints' Day and went as  "Teresa of Avila, The Early Years."  I think she wore it for a couple of years, actually.

This year we have decided to by her the airgun she's been begging for, the one that launches foam balls like a bazooka.  All Saints' Day interpretation:  St. Barbara, patron Saint of Artillery.

My daughter starts high school next fall.  I wonder if I'll miss All Saints' Day costumes. 

Probably not. But I'm glad my kid had the experience all these years.

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