Monday, October 21, 2013


There's a lot to be said for the experience of breaking a few bones.  All of it negative, so far.

A week ago my daughter broke her ankle, big time.  She is now in an above-the-knee cast and will be in one for at least the next five weeks.  Imagine the fun.

I must say she's handling it very well. Of the two of us she was definitely the clear-headed one at the hospital.  Well, I was able to fill out the forms and so on.  But that was about all I was good for.

This is my first experience with a fiberglass cast. My advice?  Avoid the need for one.  They're heavy, they smell awful if you get too close and the sentimental value aside, all those kids' signatures all over them look pretty ugly.

It also means she will take a pass on basketball season this year.  She loves basketball and this will be tough on all of us.  I always look forward to those games that last until 7.  It's fun to say "It's too late to cook, let's order a pizza" two or three times a week.

Weird fact:  the morning of the break we were driving to church, and my daughter asked me "What's a gurney?"

Well, she knows now.

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bearing said...

Glad to hear she's handling it well. Hope the next five weeks fly by!