Friday, August 16, 2013

The Red-Headed League

I've been reading a lot about redheads lately.  Well, okay,, not a lot, just a few posts on Twitter.  But I'm learning stuff.

I learned that 46% of the Irish population carry the gene for red-headed-ness.  I think that means the Irish population in Ireland.  I don't know about the Irish  Americans.

I have also learned that only 10% of Irish people in Ireland are redheads. (Other thing I learned:  we're supposed to call then "gingers" now.  I don't know if "redhead has officially been declared incorrect.)

My Irish-born grandmother was a redhead.  My father is a redhead.  Of the six children in our family three are redheads.  So if they every check out the Irish Americans my family will probably be responsible for bringing the percentages up.

The grandchildren - there are ten- are a different story.  Only one is a possible redhead at this point.  We'll know more when she grows a little more hair.  But 4.6 of those ten would be carriers. 

(I know I shouldn't count my adopted Cambodian kid in that calculation, but ten is a nice round number and I can figure out percents with it. Nine, I have no idea.  I'd have to get my daughter to do the numbers, she's the only one in this house who's any good at math.)

But think about it.  If 46% of the Irish are carriers for the ginger gene, do you realize what that means for the sunblock industry?  Why aren't we all out there investing right now?

Seriously.  Call your broker.  Cash in  on this.

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