Sunday, March 24, 2013

Return to the Boot

We got back yesterday at around 7pm our time, and drove directly to the orthopedic hospital.  Good thing, too, since it closes at 8 on Saturdays.

It turned out, as predicted, that my daughter had messed up a growth plate in her heel.  So now she's in a boot for God knows how long.  At least I don't have to feel too bad about forgetting to sign her up for softball. I'm pretty sure sliding in to home with a heavy and potentially damage-inflicting plastic boot on one foot is against the rules.

Her injury, obviously, meant cutting back on the last of our Rome sightseeing.  She missed the catacombs and St Mary Major, one or two other sights.  But she was determined to see Assisi.

If you haven't been there yet, Assisi is all hills.  Some of them quite steep.  Luckily one of the chaperones hit on a brilliant plan:  Would some of the boys of the Chesterton Academy kindly carry the injured 12-year-old on their backs?  And amazingly, several of them did.  So my kid is the first person I know to see Assisi from piggy-back.  She enjoyed it immensely.

Oh, and for anyone who is planning a trip to Italy in the near future:  bring your own ibuprophen.  Lots of it, I mean one of those huge Costco-sized bottles.  You are probably going to need it and you won't believe how much the stuff costs over there.  No kidding, like 14 bucks for ten tablets.  You might even pick up a few euros selling it as a sideline.  And with the dollar where it is, well, let's just say a few of the mega-ibu bottles would have come in real handy.

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