Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Airport Talk

At MSP airport a gruff lady demanded my boarding pass.  She looked it over, shoved it back at me and said,"No pope yet ."

Really it's wonderful to be so on top of things .  I mean what else is there to talk about these days?  The sequester?  Please.  The Kardashians are more interesting.  Also more of a genuine phenomenon.

I love how every time I turn on the news some jerk at the White House is telling
Me the world is about to end.  Like what America needs most right now is tours of the White House and we'll never have them again until the GOP plays nice.  Have you ever been dragged through a White House tour?  I have.  And I'm sure I speak for American schoolchildren everywhere when I say  I'd rather be at Denny's.

As to who is the current favorite in the College of Cardinals, that's a more interesting topin but sadly we have even less reliable information to work with.  But at least we're willing to admit it.

Hey has there been another vote yet

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