Sunday, February 17, 2013

And In Other News, The Pope Has Still Resigned

Sunday morning.  That precious time between waking up for the dogs and anyone else waking up. Peace.

Today will be the first Sunday sermon  since the Pope dropped his bombshell this week.  I imagine it will be along the lines of the-pope-is-brave-and-God-is-in-charge.  Which is a reasonable reading of the situation, I guess.

Probably won't mention things like lightning strikes and meteor explosions.  I mean, why get folks all worried, right?

Not me, no, I'm not worried.  Deeply curious is how I'd describe my mental state. Also calculating, as in "I wonder if I have time to make the five First Saturdays before, uh, anything happens?"

Other things to consider:

Should I finish clearing out the garage?

Is it worth getting my roots touched up or should I save myself the trouble?

That bottle of vintage port is still in the basement... time to give it a try?

Definitely get rid of leftover half cans of paint.

Cancel the cable, or beef it up for better coverage?

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