Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Desperate Irish Housewife is back from ten days in Israel!

I know, I know what you're thinking.  "Gee, Desperate, you lucky girl!  You went on a pilgrimage?  Cool!  Who'd you go with?

"+Jeff Cavins?"


"+Father Mitch Pacwa of EWTN fame?"

No, not him either.  Although we did see his tour bus in a parking lot.

No, Desperate and her clan went in the Holy Land for Old Testament reasons.  To wit, a b'nai mitzvah.  That's one bar mitzvahs and one bat mitzvah in a dual ceremony. And let me tell you, it was a blast.

A year or so ago a dear friend asked her two children (a boy and a girl eleven months apart,  what is known in in Desperate's universe as "Irish twins")  what they'd like for their big day.  Did they want a humongous party at home?  Or would they like to do the deed in Jerusalem?

They picked Jerusalem.  We were invited.  We all went.

The ceremony took place in a park overlooking the Old City.  So while there were no country clubs or black-tied waiters, there were plenty of young Israeli troops jogging past, toting Uzis and shouting "Mazel tov!"  And at least on party of tourists on Segueways joined in on a chorus of "Hava nagila."  We could not have had a better time.

Our tour guide was a young Israeli, a mosaic artist who had spent her time in the Army giving tours to visiting officials.  She was petite, dark, quick-witted and a walking encyclopedia about her homeland.  I havent' learned so much so fast since I crammed for my Minnesota driver's license test as I stood in line to take it at the DMV.

I will be blogging more about Israel this week.  But first an important prayer request.  +Jennifer Fulwiler, she of +Conversion Diary fame, is pregnant and experiencing some health problems.  Please pray for Jenifer and her family, and check out her reality show, +Minor Revisions, on Youtube. You'll love it.  DIH did!

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