Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Official: The End Is Near.

It has to be, when you wake up to a headline like this one:

"First Human Ancestor Looked Like a Squirrel."

You can find the item over at the Discovery News site.

Apparently scientists have discovered the fossilized bones of the first known primate, a tiny critter known as Purgatorius.  (I've never heard a more apt name for a pest.)  Purgatorius lived in trees and had interesting ankle bones that let it hang on to branches with its feet.   The article includes an "artist's conception" of what the little rotter looked like.  They even gave it a fluffy tail.

What I can't figure out is, how did this primitive squirrel survive without attics to chew their way into?

And why oh why hasnt' anyone figured out time travel yet?  So I can go back to the Paleocene era and MURDER ALL THE LITTLE F*CKERS??

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