Monday, February 27, 2012


Do forgive Desperate for not watching the Oscars last night. There were just too many more interesting things to do. Watching paint dry, for example. Contemplating the laundry pile. Pressing all the little buttons on the dishwasher just to see what would happen.

No, I didn't watch the Oscars. Come to think of it I only saw a handful of the films that were nominated. The only one I was really sure about was Best animated Picture. "Rango" was nominated. I saw "Rango." What a loser. No way would "Rango" win best animated, I thought.

Oh, well. Another prediction down the drain.

So from what I hear "Best Picture" went to a movie nobody saw , which was a pretty darn clever move on the part of the Academy if you ask me. I mean, how can anyone complain if nobody saw the picture? Now they all have to pretend they saw it, and act enigmatic if anyone asks what they think. Really, Hollywood isn't usually this smart.

Meryl Streep won Best Actress for "Iron Lady." I like Meryl Streep, but I also Like Lady Thatcher, so I skipped seeing that one, too.

But this brings up another problem. The Academy Award is for "Best Actress," but if you ask any woman who acts what she does for a living, she will reply "I'm an actor." Nobody's an "actress" any more. I think "actress" is now supposed to be demeaning, or something.

So here's my question: If a woman gets the "Best Actress" award and then goes around telling everyone she's an "actor," does she have to return her Oscar? I mean, isn't that only fair?

Or do we just chalk it up to the old somebody's-asleep-at-the-old-language-switch thing? You know, like February being "Black History Month" instead of African-American History Month, or People of Color History Month? Hmm? What about that, hmm?

Really. The insensitivity.

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Elinor Dashwood said...

"Actress" has had a frivolous air for a long time. Female thespians of the deeply serious sort have been calling themselves actors for years now.