Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello, Georgetown? I'd Like A JD and a Box of Condoms, Please

Well, either Georgetown has lowered its standards or this girl had a friend on the acceptance committee. That's the only explanation I can think of. 'We expected our standards to be met," or whatever? Is Miss Fluke really that divorced from reality?

Sorry. Desperate just had to let off a little disbelief there.

When Miss Fluke testified before congress about how hard things were for fornicating female students at Georgetown Law Center, she said a few things that were truly moving. As in, "This moves me never to hire this chick as my lawyer." One of her fellow students, Miss Fluke said, felt "embarassed' and "powerless" when she learned her birth control was not covered by insurance. I am sure the poor girl had to flee the drugstore in tears.

Um...honey? If you take on a tax case and the IRS says "We don't think we're going to pay you," do you have another tactic up your sleeve? I mean, besides the "You hurt my feelings" gambit. Which I am told does not cut much ice with the Feds.

And the woman who feared G'towns policy, by forcing her to shell out for her own contraceptives, was going to deprive her dear old mother of the longed-for grandbabies. But I'm pretty sure it's the law degree and the ten years of postponed child-bearing that will take care of that. So yes, in a way her mother can hold Georgetown accountable for her loneliness in her old age.

You hear that, Georgetown? You hate old ladies. You heartless bounders.

So what do you think, should we take up a collection?

Buy a law student a condom today!
Do you really want them making little lawyers?

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