Monday, August 01, 2011

Woman v. Clutter, Con't.

I got a note from a lady who is a professional declutterer the other day. Sally at
A Good Sort read my previous post and remarked, "It sounds like you're off to a good start."

That's right, people. A decluttering PROFESSIONAL gave DIH the thumbs up!

So naturally I went to Sally's website to see what else she had to say. Imagine how my blood ran cold when I saw she actually had advice on how to deal with your overstuffed Tupperware drawer. The only method I've ever come up with is the "run away screaming" technique.

But Sally never even mentioned screaming. A Good Sort is full of metal health. I gotta hand it to you, Sally. Anyone who declutters for a living must be a regular Zen Buddhist compared to women like me.

Anyway here's the link

for Sally's website. Take a look and take a few deep breaths. It'll be good for your soul, I promise.