Monday, November 07, 2011

TopTop Ten Reasons Why "Occupy Wall Street" Is A Good Thing

10. Living in tents reminds us why mankind developed better shelters.

9. The "Save the Sexually Transmitted Diseases" movement gets a real shot in the arm. (ba-dum-bum.)

8. Proof that if you wait long enough someone will show up with a steam table and a chafing dish.

7. Six weeks of OWS drumming has done more to revitalize music education programs than years of begging and whining. (Why didn't the teachers' unions think of this?)

6. Compared to OWS'ers, Conan O'Brien's beard doesn't look so seedy after all.

5. L.L. Bean now looks positively classy.

4. Lack of a catchy theme song offers job opportunities for aspiring songwriters everywhere. Create jobs!

3. Debbie Wasserman Schulz has clearly had a chance to share her hairstylist. More job opportunities.

2. Anyone who misses Times Square in the seventies can take a walk down memory lane, a


1. At last this guy's musical genius is known to the world:

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