Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top Then Reasons Why Kicking the OWS Crowd Out of Zucotti Park Was A Mistake

10. The guys who were cooking up a batch of bubonic plague down there will never get to see if the stuff worked.

9. Bad as the park smelled, Janitor in a Drum smells worse.

8. Protestors are confused: does this mean they have to get jobs now?

7. And does that make Working for the Man a good thing? Or a bad thing?

6. Ja-Z had just signed on a killer Chinese factory to make his tee shirts.

5. CBS News now may be forced to cover something else.

4. Ditto the New York Times.

3. Santa won't know where to look for half his "Naughty" list.

2. Soup kitchens thought they might catch a break at Thanksgiving this year for a change, but no-ooooo...


1. Bob Dylan will be disappointed and may even feel the need to release another Christmas album.

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HEATHER said...

Bah ha ha ha!! ;-)