Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Translation Day

DIH normally hits the 11 am mass on Sundays. But for once she's thinking seriously about hitting the 5 o'clock this afternoon.

Why? Because I want to be among the first to screw up new responses.

Anyone of a certain age knows how long it took to get used to the translation of the mass that officially dies today. Anyone with a rudimentary education, and mine is nothing if not rudimentary, knows how irritating it was to have to translate "Credo" as "we believe." I mean, come on. Sister Gerarda would have torn me a new one for a gaff like that. Seriously- the dumbest kid in my Latin class would could tell a first person singular from a first person plural! Sheesh.

And anyone of the crabby nature knows how annoying all those little "pep talks" we've been getting for the past year on the new translation have been. "Now, see, everyone? You've been doing it WRONG all these years!" And how we had to suppress the "Yeah, we know, Einstein, but it was all your idea, not ours" type of response.

So today we start the new translation. It's about time. I will do my best but I am sure the occasional "And also with you--oops,, I meant to say 'and with your spirit,' sorry" will slip past her lips.

For which she begs her pewmates' pardon in advance.

But I'm trying. Try to remember that.

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