Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lately I've been counting my blessings. I figured the fact that I wasn't counting them often enough explained why I'm usually such a crab. So here are a few of my faves.

Hot running water. No kidding, is this awesome or what? You turn a handle, it comes out all nice and warm and there's so much of it! Anyone who grew up in a house with five siblings and no hot water tank will understand how I feel about this.

Warm weather for Thanksgiving! It must be 50 degrees here in Minneapolis today! This, by the way, is more like my idea of Thanksgiving. This is how I remember all those D.C. Thanksgivings. THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

Between a good-natured labrador, my sweet Bella, and a ferocious miniature pinscher-- Mitzi-- I have the canine spectrum covered. P.s.-- any would-be burglars out there who are contemplating a raid, I leave you to Mitzi. She will deal with you.

Next week I am finally getting my back door replaced. No more dislocating my shoulder every time I try to "slide" this "sliding door " open. Thank you. God!

Those wonderful Peppermint Joe Joe's are back at Trader Joe's for the season. I wait for them all year long, and now they're here. Nirvana.

And most of all: for yet another year I have dodged the bullet and I am not cooking for Thanksgiving. I intend to make this trend last the rest of my life. This may necessitate making a few new friends who will invite me over. Hence my decision to work on this "crab" thing.

So-- how am I doing?

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