Thursday, October 06, 2011

Too Weird for Words

I refer, of course, to our unseasonalby warm weather here in the MiniApple. Yesterday it was 86 degrees. 86! In October! In Minnesota! While everyone is happy to be out jogging and biking ad whatnot, I notice many are also keeping a sharp lookout for four horsemen. Others are sending apologetic notes to Al Gore. (We're sorry we didn't believe you, Al!) Still others are doing a brisk trade in used lawn furniture. Our little family loves to eat outdoors. When we were looking for a place to live we turned down one lovely- and nicely priced, with everything already renovated- house because it was too near the noise of the highway. How could we linger over dinner with the sounds of 394 roaring in our ears? So we bought the house we're in now. No highway noise. But lots of dead oak leaves falling into your food and squirrels hurling acorns at your head. Hey, at least it's natural. As for me I am taking advantage of the lovely weather by running around in circles. Literally. Around the lake near my house. Which is usually half-frozen by now, but as of today is still in liquid form. Weird.

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