Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs, RIP

If it weren't for Steve Jobs, I might have had to learn some kind of computer language. DOS or whatever. But I was spared that agony because i have been, from the first, a Mac girl. I can still remember our first Mac. An ugly little box of a thing, with a tiny screen and a dangling mouse. And of course our dot matrix printer. But with each new generation of MAcs- at least the ones that sprung up when we had any income- we advanced with Apple. I had one of Apple's firs laptops- they were grey bak then, with little "feet" you could roll down to make the screen stand at a more visible angle. Later I got one of those clamshell jobs- mine was orange. Stylish. Really stood out in a crowd. The beauty of the Mac was that you could be a technophobe like me and still do just about anything on a computer. I think Yo Yo Ma said it best. Rest in Peace, Steve.

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