Friday, September 09, 2011

Week One, Done

The first full week of school draws to a close today. Let's review our experiences, shall we?

Total lunches prepared: zero. Daughter is keen on making her own. Oh please, God, let this one last.

Total uniforms laid out the night before: also zero. Every since daughter was promoted to the "big girls'" uniform- pleated skirt and oxford shirt, as opposed to boxy jumper and Peter Pan collars that never stayed down, she is also keen on handling this task on her own. Please, please, pleeeeease let this one last.

Total carpool miles logged: God knows. Compared to the other ladies in the carpool line, most of whom have at least four kids, I know my mileage would look wimpy. Still I reserve my right to grumble.

Total "hey, I'm not the one who has to play volleyball, keep track of your own darn kneepads" speeches: also zero.

Alright this one has me a little on edge. Ten days of school completed and no lectures given make Mom a dull Mom. What if daughter behaves this way all year? What if I lose my edge? Then what?

What, indeed?

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MidMom said...

Kids never disappoint. Even as she is amazing you with her new maturity in the "getting ready for school on her own in a timely way" department, she will broadside you with something else that sorely requires the dreaded "slow death by lecture" torture! ;-)

I have a 16 yo whose personal motto was always "I can do it myself" except when it comes to the last 10% of any clean-up job. The lecture opportunities will never desert you!