Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For the past few days I have been "decluttering" my house. And I must admit I'm disappointed.

Anyone who's ever dropped by the old Desperate homestead know that yours turly is not exactly a fanatic when it comes to housekeeping. Good Lord, what a waste of time. When I could be watching "Law and Order" reruns or staring vacantly into space? Please.

But something sparked a decluttering spree a few days ago. I forget what. Maybe I thought I would find a pile of cash or my old iPod Touch. Whatever it was, it got me going. And now I'm finding it hard to stop.

Check this out:

Kitchen junk drawers-- DONE! All five of 'em!

Laundry room- DONE! (Note to self, stop buying gallon-sized Windex. Have six.)

Bathroom cabinets- DONE! (Note #2 to self: stop buying makeup. Or buy three new faces, either one.)

This may not sound like a lot of decluttering but trust me, it filled many a trash bag.

So now in addition to staring vacantly into space I have a new pastime: staring at my cleared-out kitchen drawers. Which, I have concluded, is nowhere near as satisfying as all those decluttering articles led me to believe it would be.

Moral of the story: if you get the urge to declutter, go on and do it, but it is not the path to inner peace. I still think that lies with the "Law and "order" reruns. You might be a slob, but hey, at least you're no mass murdered.


Sally said...

as the owner of a decluttering business, www.agoodsort.com it sounds like you have done very well keep it up

Sonia Vigilante said...

Susan, I am so impressed....now you are most likely less cluttered than I...and that is saying alot. Barbara, my nanny, is always purging (mainly kids stuff) for me. I don't know what life is going to be like without her (in 4 weeks).

Kate Kresse said...

having a similar de-cluttering experience. discovered 6 containers of softscrub cleanser---i think i need more sinks....your comment to get 3 more faces made me laugh out loud. but i am finding it satisfying to actually KNOW where things are---and it makes me happy to get my spaces purged!