Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Big News Spreads

As you can imagine I am pretty thrilled to be going to the big Vatican Blognic on May 2. And it warms my heart to hear so many people are happy for me.

Although every so often I get a reaction I wasn't quite expecting.

{Yesterday evening. DIH approaches clergyman.}

DIH: So... guess who's going to the big Vatican blogger's meeting?

CLGY: My friend Father X, of course.

DIH: Uh- I, I don't know. I didn't see his name on the list. But I'm going!

CLGY: But Father X's blog is huge. It's the biggest one out there.

DIH: Yes... well, maybe he didn't fill out an application.

CLGY: I don't see how they can call it a meeting of Catholic bloggers if they didn't invite Father X. Oh, by the way-- congratulations, have a great time.

Now it point of fact, Father X's blog is huge. It gets more traffic in a day than a dozen other blogs put together get in a month. My friend the clergyman was quite right: it really was a bit odd that his name wasn't on the list.

When I got home I read the "Invitees" list again, just to make sure. But unless he's writing under a pseudonym, Father X (not his real name) isn't going to the Blognic.

I reread the invitation carefully. This is the important part:
"Selection to attend does not imply Vatican approval of the contents of any of the blogs. Neither does non-selection imply disapproval."

It also says something about picking some famous bloggers and some, um, not-famous bloggers. To get a good mix.

All I can say now is THANK YOU, VATICAN GUYS!!! for picking a non=famous type like yours truly. I will do my best to add whatever I can to the meeting. We of the non-famous community are deeply grateful for this opportunity.

I can't wait to meet the famous bloggers. I'd better wear a nametag, though. Did I say "nametag?" Make that "a sandwich board."


HEATHER said...


Sue said...

Thanks, Heather!

John C said...

I have read Father X... Check the fine print again, I think there was a sanity clause as well.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on going. I wish I had a good enough blog to have had applied with but oh well.

Say my Mother sent me your book "Breakfast with the Pope", I'm a native Minnesotan living in Berlin, Germany, and I've got to say thanks for writing some a wonderful book. I laughed, I cried and I cheered. I'm so happy you adopted! Praise be God!!!!

I'm sorry that it didn't work out with your friends. I was a little angry at them not supporting you. I'm sure you get that a lot from your readers and fans, but I thought I would share my two cents too :-)

I keep you and your family in my prayers.

All the best to you and have fun in Rome!

St. Padre Pio pray for us!

Your sister in Christ,
Jennifer Hays

Mary said...

Congratulations! That's awesome.