Sunday, January 02, 2011

January 2

Yours truly bailed on a New Year's celebration last night owing to a bout of stomach flu. Now I think my daughter is coming down with it. So far 2011 is not off to an auspicious start.

However, I am taking it all in stride. I have made my New Years' resolutions- only two, and easy ones, so I should actually be able to keep them.

The trouble with New Year's resolutions, for me, is I can't tell the difference between a list of resolutions and a to-do list. I mean, "learn Spanish" has been on my list for years, On all my lists, in fact. I decided this year it was more of a to-do item than a resolution, so I'm off the hook.

Is anyone realistic about to-do lists? I know we're all supposedly total fakes when it comes to a New Year's list, but a to-do is supposed to be in earnest. I looked at my lists for the past week and saw that they were all exactly 50 percent done. So I conclude I must be doing something wrong.

But so far I've acted on my first NY resolution, which is to read more. Over the past two days I've finished two books. Since they were sick days this was relatively easy to do. Let's see how I do in the hale and hearty days ahead.

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Adoro said...

Yeah, I ended the old year and began the new year with sickness.

Champagne and funny hats were irrelevant to my non-celebration of the event.

So...I sympathize. :-( Hope all is well in your home.

I was home today from work, too - been sick since Wed, thankfully most of it was scheduled off anyway, and today, unscheduled - a fun stomach virus twist at the end of the previous sickness. :-(

btw - sent you a friend req, FB didn't let me send a message with it identifying my pseudonym. Cool if you deny the req. as you may use FB for prof reasons, but my first name (no internet secret) is Julie.

Merry Christmas and I hope your New Year gets better quickly!