Thursday, January 27, 2011

East Coast Buried, All Calm Here

New York City got hit with 19 inches of snow yesterday. The Big Apple shut down. Now that takes a lot of snow.

Here in the Mini-Ap, we've reached another stage in our annual snow collection. We are at the stage where we start hoping for the occasional dusting, so that pretty new white snow will cover up the grey heaps that are all over the landscape at this point. Makes it a little less depressing.

I am not one to snark at any other city's inability to deal with a blizzard. Far from it. I lived in D.C. for ten years, I know how it goes. At the first rumor of a snowfall everyone heads to the Safeway and strips it bare of milk, bread and eggs. Then they go home, not necessarily ready for disaster but definitely on top of things should the urge to make French toast seize them as they watch the snow pile up. It's very Washington, in a way. "Ready the irrelevant!" Catchy battle cry.

Actually our big concern here nowadays is the inevitable thaw. That's when all the ice dams on everybody's roofs will start leaking into their living rooms. Have you always wanted an indoor pool? Now's your chance to get one cheap.

So while our neighbors to the East dig out from under the snowdrifts, we here in the Upper Midwest are breaking out the beach towels. A sun lamp, a boom box and your living room- or attic, or whatever- becomes a regular Riviera. Think of all the shoveling those chic New Yorkers are doing right now. But don't gloat. Spring is never as close as you wish it were.

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Misplaced Rebel said...

I have just started your book - I received it as a gift from my husband at Christmas. I had asked for it after reading a review of it in Nat. Review. I'm looking forward to it very much. I, too, live in the Minneapolis area, after being born and raised in the balmy South. My daily foray into the cold involves walking to and from the bus stop twice a day - most days that's all I can take. Finding your blog was very exciting and I have enjoyed going back and reading some of the previous months' entries. You sound like a woman after my own heart. Plus, anyone who puts Iowahawk in her blogroll is someone I can get behind.