Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BWP in Space

Tonight I will be interviewed on the Busted Halo show, on Sirius Satellite Radio. That's at 7:20 pm my time (Central), 8:20 on the East Coast.

Today was a good day for Desperate. Ever since "Breakfast with the Pope" came out, I have endeavored to do what all good authors must do and sell books. And today, I sold one. I was in Barnes and Noble, standing around the "Religion" aisle, looking admiringly at my book right there on the shelf. I do this a lot. It's my new hobby.

Anyway there was a woman standing a few feet away from me, browsing some other religion books. Well, I said to myself. She's obviously interested in the subject. I think I can help her out.

"That's my book," I said, pointing.

She looked confused. "Did you leave it there?"

"No no," I said. "I wrote it. It's my book."

"Oh, well then," she said. "Since I've met the author I suppose I have to buy it."

"Yes," I said. "Yes, that's what it means."

See? I think I'm getting pretty good at this author stuff.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Ha ha!!! Love your marketing!!

Mine is horrible ... plus, Barnes and Noble stopped selling most OSV books, so you won't even find my book in a upstairs-downstairs Barnes and Noble!!! (That didn't help me out at all!)

I'll have to check out your book ... sounds great. Hope your interview went well!



p.s. I'm half Irish (descendant of).