Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Story

A man came home from work one evening to find his children playing in the yard in their pajamas. The flower beds he'd put in the week before were ripped out and most of the dirt was all over the kids' pjs. The rest of it was tracked into the house.

In the living room the dog was chewing the last of what he recognized as his best pair of shoes. The drapes had been ripped down and the cat was using one for its new litter box.

The kitchen was almost unrecognizable under all the dirty dishes, half-empty cereal cartons, and spilled juice boxes. The refrigerator door was open, the freezer was open, and thawing ice cream dripped onto the floor.

In the master bedroom her found his wife, lounging on the bed, reading a novel.

"What happened here?" he demanded.

She smiled at him. "You know how every day you come home from the office and ask me what in the world I did all day? Well, today, I didn't do it."

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