Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Fall!

I just fell on the ice. Right outside my back door. I was going to step outside with the dogs-- they like a little company when I put them out in the morning- and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back with a worried labrador in my face.

And so it begins, another Minnesota winter. Back in New York the fall leaves are still on the trees. We have already had our first snowstorm, two weeks ago. The snow is still on the ground, in that unattractive rocky gray ice form it gets after a few days. Lovely.

I try to get enthusiastic about winter, I really do. I check out the price of high-tech snowshoes in Costco. I read up on the latest in cold weather gear. I even flip through all the L.L. Bean Winter catalogs. Anybody want to buy some scented firewood? I know where you can get some, cheap.

But no. I look at the snow and the ice and the outdoor thermometer and I want to move to the tropics. or just stay inside.

Which, given how my day started, would probably have been the best course of action.

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Adoro said...

OH, come on now, it gets nasty out there, too! Just look at how Washington DC was pummeled last winter - and just kept coming! Between bitter cold and heat hot enough to roast the devil in hell and serve him with chips, the East Coast, I would argue, seems to be even worse than the upper midwest. AND it's more prone to ice storms than we are up here!

(Incidentally, I poked my head out this morning, drew a toe across the ice and realized it was a deathtrap. So I sprinkled pet-safe salt around the doorway. I even had to salt my doormat!)

Try having to WALK the dogs in this stuff. :-( Sucks.

By the way, nice to "see" you again.