Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stupid Question/Answer of the Day

The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Bill Maher who, you may or may not know, has never won an Emmy Award. Maher believes that the reason for this is his atheism alienates some voters, and this is why they've turned him down. Twenty-six times.

DIH is reasonably certain other atheists have won Emmys, so Mr. Maher is whistling in the dark here. But that's not the reason for this post.

The reason for this post is, in the course of the interview, writer Randee Dawn made one of the biggest verbal gaffes of all time, and, really, what is DIH all about if not appreciating such moments?

And the question of the day is, Which is dumber: Dawn's gaffe or Maher's response?

Here's the exchange:

THR: Author Christopher Hitchens, who has esophageal cancer, is a vocal atheist like you.

[DIH: Uhh.. well, maybe not quite as "vocal" as he used to be, Dawn. Hello, Hollywood Reporter: don't you guys have editors any more?]

THR: What do you think of people who believe he'll make a deathbed conversion?

Maher: People who are waiting for that are going to be disappointed -- because I don't think he's going to die.

[DIH:OMG, it's really true: Hitchens IS the first immortal! I knew it!]

One again, HR: spend a buck and hire a copy editor, for Pete's sake. Looking stupid is in no one's interest.

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