Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Party's Over

Our parish hosted its Fall Festival this past weekend. For those of you who think August might be a tad early for a Fall Festival, let me point out that this is Minnesota. We're expecting the first frost any day now.

Usually after the Fall Festival DIH is left facing many questions. Questions like, What the hell was I thinking charging into a bidding war for "An Afternoon of Ice Fishing" at the charity auction? Luckily this year, I forgot my checkbook. So no regrets on the auction front.

But this early start to the parish social season has me looking ahead. To the school's Marathon fundraiser, when cute kids in uniform hit you up after Mass to "sponsor" them. "Gimme ten bucks and I'll go away" is the best pitch I've heard so far. [Note to self: skip the after-Mass donuts until after Marathon. Save a bundle that way.]

To the start-of-school Ice Cream Social. Why does everything our parish does involve a major intake of carbohydrates? [Another note to self: for god's sake bring a couple of cans of Diet Coke this year. Not only good for self but can probably make a few bucks selling them to other moms.]

To all the scattered and usually (by me anyway) unanticipated school breaks. How many times have I been faced with the realization that instead of a peaceful day with the girl in school I am instead faced with the pleasure of her company.

Don't get me wrong, my daughter is wonderful. But she's an only child. You know who only children talk to all day? THEIR MOMS. I am nuts about my daughter, but once she talked so much I broke out in hives. So today I am scanning the school calendar, plotting escape hatches. If that fails then it's time to stock up on steroids.

Getting ready for fall....


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Nanette said...

A cute post...Mother's everywhere can relate to this one..Me, I'm waiting to deal with this with my grandkids (someday) What you are confronting is just a memory for me, but enjoy it while it lasts..kids grow up soooo fast! It will be in the 90's this week in NY, so enjoy the cooler weather. N
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