Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Headline of the Day

"Stinker flick stiffs writers"


The geniuses trying to market the abysmal "Sex and the City 2" messed up on at least two continents. A dozen prominent authors -- including Alexander Lo brano ("Hungry for Paris"), Dana Thomas ("Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster"), Jamie Cat Callen ("French Women Don't Sleep Alone") and Mireille Guiliano ("French Women Don't Get Fat") -- were invited to speak at Café Etienne Marcel in Paris as part of a promotion for the menopausal chick flick. But New York Agency, the Paris-based p.r. team hired by Warner Bros. to handle the event, didn't mention the authors in media alerts, stuck them in a small, dark, back room, and didn't provide a micro phone or turn down the music during the talk. An agency rep gabbed throughout, and, worse, said nothing when the café made the writers pay for drinks. "A complete nightmare," one of the authors told us. "But we got the sense that Warners couldn't care less."

Okay, I understand stiffing the writers. It's practically a tradition. Where would Hollywood be if they never stiffed the writers? Ask William Faulkner, ask Arthur Miller.

But refusing to pay for their drinks? What were they thinking? Writers practically live for free booze. I ought to know, I've been stuck with the bill enough times. You deny a writer his God-given right to a free cocktail, you're messing with Art! And Truth! And Truth in Art, or something. Anyway you're screwing around with the order of the universe.

Not a good idea.

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