Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Surfing The Roads

There's a special thrill you get driving the Minneapolis side streets these days. For DIH it all boils down to, "Is everything I'm doing right now-- manipulating the steering wheel, managing the brakes, checking my mirrors and dutifully signaling every turn- an exercise in futility?"

I mean, think about it. You're driving on a solid sheet of ice. What chance do your driving skills have? Face it, the ice is in charge, not you. You are completely at its mercy. Somewhere some gloomy Nordic god is laughing behind your back.

I haven't had a skid or a spin-out, yet. A year ago I was driving my daughter home from school-- at, I am not exagerrating, about 20 mph- when I skidded down a small hill into a tree. Luckily damage to car and tree was minimal. Damage to DIH's ego was rather more extensive, especially since now every time we pass that particular tree my daughter points it out to anyone who might be listening.

But I've seen plenty. Perfectly innocent SUVs, spinning their wheels in the middle of an intersection. Luxurious Lexuses trying hard but going nowhere. Beautiful Benzes sliding into parked cars. DIH, of course, drives a tough little Subaru. Winter in Minnesota is the one thing that puts the kibosh on her Jaguar fantasies.

My advice is stay home if you possibly can. Supplies may dwindle but at least you won't need a new front end.

See the link for the real horror.


Anonymous said...

Hey Another Bible Babe - do you have anything to add to DIH post? ;-)

bb said...

I don't know about Another Bible Babe, but, THIS Bible Babe veered directly into a little snow bank-thingy to avoid heading into a busy street since my brakes were not stopping my vehicle due to the ICE RINK. Hmmmm. I saw a woman craning her neck to look at me as she drove past. (Was that YOU, Bible Babe?) And once again, I saved the day. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why yes it was me...my neck hurts - I was just making sure you were able to get out of said snowbank; so that I didn't have to come save the day - Bible Babe