Saturday, January 02, 2010

Lying Low

We are hiding inside our house. Because outside it's minus something degrees, and we fear the cold.

Ah, January in Minnesota. When the pipes freeze and the roads ice over, and all bodies of water turn into vast blocks of ice. When DIH watches the happy, hardy souls cross-country skiing on the frozen lake and the happy children skating on the ponds and asks herself, "Are they mad? It's seventeen below out there!"

DIH is usually pretty well prepared for a cold spell. Although last night she was dismayed to find we were out of rum. Hard to make a hot rum toddy without rum.

Still there is much to be thankful for. The wind hasn't picked up yet, for instance. If it does, well, that will make everything much worse. And my gas fireplace is working nicely, thank you. I know because I haven't ventured more than ten feel away from it all day.

And until the mercury goes up an inch or two, I don't plan to be anywhere else.

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