Thursday, December 24, 2009


Family gathering #1 yesterday. It was also a big-deal foray into Manhattan before Christmas. And I must say, we got our money's worht.

It's a special moment watching you child's face the first time she sees a man being led away in handcuffs by police. I remember my first time. What a moment that was!

And that warm feeling you get when you see a beautiful chocolate lab suddenly going nuts in Penn Station. I love the way drug-sniffing canines get so happy and excited when they get a whiff of illegal stuff in a passerby's bag. Really, you would have thought someone had just pulled out a favorite tennis ball and a Chukker.

And perhaps most special of all: when a former governor of New York walks into your restaurant. This is a real learning opportunity for your fourth-grader. "Look, sweetie-- that man was Governor! Say, 'Merry Christmas, Governor!' Good girl! Okay, now he's a few yards past us. Now we say, 'What an idiot!' A little more softly though. Well done, darling!"

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bearing said...

LOL. Was it Spitzer?