Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Day

There was no school today due to the global warming. Ha! Just kidding. It was a snow day. Sophia and I played with the Nintendo Wii, made a big pot of chili and a spice cake, and, the biggest news, we made our first loaf of bread together. It was stunning success.

Now we are going to reward ourselves with ravioli and P.G. Wodehouse. And hope the forecasters are just trying to scare us with the wind chill figures.


Bill said...

Which Wodehouse are you going to read? Any of the Bertie and Jeeves books are my favorite. I don't believe anyone can turn a phrase like he did.

Sue said...

Bill- actually we were going to watch "Wodehouse Playhouse" from Brit tv. The series was made 30 years ago. But that's what so fantastic about Wodehouse- he's timeless.

Bill said...

You should try reading some of the Wooster books. The English usage is wonderful. Delicious, really. I found that they improved my sons' writing. Besides, there is absolutely nothing objectionable in the story lines. Nothing to skip over. Bertie is a gentleman and the cads always get theirs, gently, in the end.