Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Key to a Successful Social Life

One of the main social features in DIH's life is the school carpool line. Every afternoon the moms line up their minivans in the parking lot, stick a number in their windshields and wait for their assigned kids to come tearing out and hop in the car. The system works, usually-- I've only gotten the wrong kid once.

In warmer weather the carpool lane is a hub of social activity. Moms turn off their engines and venture out, and catch up with all the news: whose kid has head lice,which teacher is handing out tough grades but good cookies, etc.

In winter it's different. Way too cold to hang around a parking lot. I mean, really, minus three? It's insane.

But yesterday one mother braved the cold. I watched in awe as she climbed out of her Expedition and went up and down the rows of cars, chatting with everyone.

By the time she got to me I could no longer contain my curiosity. How was she keeping up a schoolyard social life in this weather? "What's your secret?" I demanded.

She glanced around. Then she leaned towards me and said in a low voice, "Long underwear. Sam's Club, eleven bucks- changed my life."

Well since DIH is all in favor of changing her life, today I intend to hit Sam's Club. If you see a short red-haired woman out in the cold occasionally tugging at her waistline, that will be me, in my new armor.

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HEATHER said...

LL Bean does the best thermal underware on earth! It's pricey but will last the rest of your life!