Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's the Day

Today is "Call In Gay" Day.

I know we all have a list of people we wish would "call in gay" and leave us alone for24 hours. But unless they're gay they won't count today.

Obviously what we need is a whole bunch more activist days.

Like "Call In Loud And Pointless" Day. The entire crew of "The View" could take the day off.

Or "Call In Obnoxious" Day. Long list for this one, huh? And I'm not even talking about politicians. And quite a few gay activists would get a twofer.

"Call In 'Not Ready For Prime Time' Day." Yoo-hoo, Jon Favreau, your moment is calling.

"Call In Over-the-Hill" Day. Really, New York Times, we really could all survive a day without you. Maybe longer.

The floor is open to suggestions- DIH.

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