Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterans! Songs! Funny Hats!

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. As is their custom, the children at my kid's school threw a breakfast party for any vet who felt like showing up. I could tell it was going to be a good party from the parking lot. I could smell the bacon from there.

Sadly, DIH did not get to sample any of the bacon. Apparently you had to have served in the armed forces to get your strips. I did, however, wolf down a serving of a breakfast casserole made with bread, eggs. sausage and I think cheese. It was the kind of thing I knew I shouldnt' do. The kind of thing I'm sure Barack Obama would have taken one look at and said "Oh, I can't eat that." It was in fact this very inspiration that made me chow down on the stuff. Ohhhhh. It was so gooood....

The program was a lot like last year's. The pre-k kids marched in wearing their paper hats- kind of like red-and-white striped cones- and sang. They were followed by every other class, reciting or singing something. There was a speech by and Air Force colonel. Oh, and I got to sing "From The Halls Of Montezuma" for the first time in years. That brought back memories.

I know from my daughter that the children spend weeks preparing for this event. They learn new poems and new songs and the older girls brush up their waitressing skills. All in honor of a holiday that most of my neighbors ignore.

But not Holy Family Academy kids. Or teachers. Or parents.


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