Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have things to be thankful for. OK, we all have things to be ticked off about too, but that's not going to be our focus today. Let's get to work on our annual "I am thankful for" lists. The following is obviously not exhaustive, but it's a start.

DIH is thankful for:

- central heating.
- gas fireplaces
- wood-burning fireplaces
-basically anything that keeps one warm up her in the North Star State

-elephants. Elephants are cool. Smart, light on their feet, grand. Love them elephants.
-dogs. Love dogs, too. Warm, cuddly, loyal, loving. Especially labs. Don't get me started on labs.
- people who shoot squirrels with pellet guns. Hate squirrels.
- diet soda
- all modern diet conveniences

She is also thankful that:

- she is not a TV broadcaster hosting the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This means she does not have to claim to be a "big Smurf fan!" Did you see the look on that woman's face when she said that? Like she wanted to hide under the desk.

1 comment:

Cookie said...

I thought it was funnier when Meredith Vieira almost got beaned by one of the balloons.