Sunday, November 09, 2008

Gutter Standards

If I hadn't gotten my gutters cleared out a few days ago I don't know how I would have gotten through the week. There's something about accomplishing something you've been putting off for, well, a lifetime that lifts the spirits wonderfully.

Obviously it's been a rough week. Obama elected, Dow in the tank, Washington Post finally admits they were biased toward the Dems all along and gosh, we're so sorry about that, but aren't we noble admitting it now that the election's over? Of course we are. Congratulate us.

Well, in an effort to further raise th spirits, DIH did some kamikaze Christmas shopping yesterday. Bought a fake tree at Costco and some lights at Home Depot.

The high point of my day was when I got the Home Depot guys to redeem some coupons they weren't so sure about. They had this deal where if you brought in any old strands of regular Christmas lights they'd give you a coupon for three bucks off any LED lights.

I brought them five strands, they gave me five coupons, I selected one humongous strand of LED lights and four sets of LED fake candles.

Checkout guy: Um, you can't use the coupons for the candles. They're only for strands.

DIH: No, they're for LED lights. These are LED.

Checkout guy: It says "three dollars for each strand."

DIH: It says "three dollars for every strand you recycle." It doesn't specify anything about the purchase except for the LED part. These are LED fake candles.

Checkout guy calls for backup. Backup gives me same story. I point to same words on coupon. Backup backs down. I get my fifteen dollar discount. Leave store in triumph.

Life is on the road to recovery already.

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teachergirl said...

Absolutely. We don't back down. Evah.