Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So it's here at last. Election Day.

DIH went to her polling place and voted earlier this morning. My polling place is the basement of an Episcopal church. While you stand on line to vote you get to read all sorts of posters about global warming and recycling.

You don't get to do much else. You can't bring a newspaper in to a polling place so the crossword is out. You have to get creative. Play little games like "Count The Men With Earrings" or "Women With Studded Tongues: Who Are Their Dentists?" Or you can count the kids in private school uniforms, add up the tuition the lady with the Versace bag must be paying, and wonder why the hell she would want socialism. Does she think her life will get better? Or is she just trying to teach her children the importance of sharing?

I have to say, for the crowd I was in- my neighborhood is overwhelmingly for Obama-- there was a certain lack of jubilation in the air. A few polite smiles and "hellos," but no "Party tonight!! Yee-hah!!" stuff going on. And these are the guys the polls say are going to win. You have to wonder- what is wrong with these people? Don't they ever have any fun? Or is it immoral to seem happy in the presence of global warming and recycling posters?

As for DIH, she plans to spend some time today resolving her television situation. She does not have one, or not one that works, anyway. And I gotta have the tube on tonight.

I'd invite the neighbors, but ... well, they probably wouldn't be much fun.

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