Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am sitting in the coffee shop across from City Hall. In a few minutes I have to go over there to pull my stint in the Great Statewide Recount. I wish I could liveblog from there, but since the city-wide wi-fi the folks on the St Louis Park City Council voted in two years ago doesn't work (I hear they're getting some of their money back), I probably can't get online over there.

Not that there hasn't been much to learn over here in the coffee shop. Two men were discussing the situation as I stood on line to order my 1% latte. "My basic impulse is a pox on both their houses," one of them was saying. "Both fighting like kids."

This is probably a fairly widespread opinion at this point, but it's, well, it's stupid. Senate seats are not supposed to be a door prize. Given the horrific issues of abortion and infanticide, it's just a fat: lives are at stake here.

Anyway, it should be an interesting morning.

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