Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Count With Me

The great Minnesota Senate Race recount starts tomorrow, barring a judge's order or the end of the world. DIH will be putting in her shift Thursday am, and probably a few more times after that. It seems they had a lot of people volunteer for the first day. More TV cameras? Dunno.

I was listening to NPR driving back from school this morning. They had a Dartmouth professor on, explaining how if somebody voted for Barack Obama but left the Senate race blank, he probably really meant to vote for Franken and just forgot. So that should count as a vote for Franken. This is called an "undervote."

Of course, it could also mean "Look, I may be a Democrat but I've got some semblance of a conscience, and there's no way I can help send that clown to Congress." But according to Dartmouth guy this is not the case.

In the meantime I have today to work on my mystery novel. Here's hoping it goes better today than yesterday. When you have to resort to making vats of curried butternut squash soup just to collect your thoughts, that's not a good writing day.

The soup was good, though.

1 comment:

HEATHER said...

YIKES-that is some really stupid logic!!
Where do they get off assuming anything? I would probably tear my hair out if I lived up there!