Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wine Time

Last night the spouse and I attended a wine tasting party. It was a fundraiser for our church. I swear, I love this parish.

I've been to wine tastings before. They're a lot of fun. You start out all classy and serious with your list of wines. You sniff. You sip. You make intelligent comments on the first selection. ("Fine start, slightly bitter finish.") Then on the second selection. On the third your comments tend to get a bit whimsical. ("Good to have on hand, especially if the in-laws come to dinner. Ha ha.") Fourth time around they serve an expensive Italian red. ("Who the hell needs a seventeen dollar pizza wine? Gimme a seven-dollar magnum of Frontera per favore.") Desserts and bubblies. ("I looooove this one! 'Specially wit' cheesecake. I loooooove cheesecake! They got any more cheesecake?")

The best part, it being a fundraiser for a good cause and all, is you don't feel too guilty about ordering a case of something. Which we did. I can't remember which wine we ordered, but I'm sure we'll enjoy it.

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