Monday, October 06, 2008

Season Opener

I'd like to announce that as the cold and flu season just barely gets underway, DIH has already gotten well into her first major infection. On the cutting edge, as always.

It's a nasty one, all right. Itchy throat. Itchy ears. Nose rubbed raw by the second day. A lot of tissue usage.

But while the symptoms themselves are unpleasant, a cold like this one has its uses.

For example, it's a handy way to dodge the "Sign of Peace." Celebrant intones "Let us offer each other a sign of peace," annoying hand-shaking commences, but all Desperate has to do is sniffle and touch a finger to her schnoz. How about a piece of this, buddy? No thanks, the peaceniks wimp out. Ha ha on them.

It's a good excuse to take a long, hot shower in the morning. "I need to clear my sinuses!" Usually the morning shower is the domain of the spouse. But now he sort of feels he has to share.

[Actually there are no hot showers for anyone this morning, as there is no hot water. Long story. Thankfully the plumber is on his way.]

Of course one has to watch the dehydration-- especially DIH who has a nasty record on that subject- so coffee and Coke Zero are out for the time being. I look forward to a long day of sipping hot ginger tea. By tonight I'll be ready to hang on a Christmas tree.

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Heidi Hess Saxton said...

Hi, Sue! Thanks for stopping by "Mommy Monsters" today! I hope your cold feels better soon. Heidi Saxton