Monday, October 27, 2008

The Morning After

We gave our Halloween party on Saturday. Damage reports are still coming in, but they appear to be minimal. Note to self: no more fires in the back yard when ten-year-old boys are around.

I am writing this on the spouse's computer. For some reason mine won't allow me to go online. It's been a problem for a few days now. So I had no chance to complain about the snow showers we were treated to yesterday. Really I can't keep up with the change of seasons around here. Every time I look out the window I would swear it was Thanksgiving. But it's not even All Saints' Day yet.

All Saints' Day presents its usual challenges. Like how to dres your kid up like a saint without actually making her look like a walking tablecloth. I found this great website that sells pretty decent saints costumes- for 67 bucks your kid can look like MOther Teresa minus the wrinkles- but 67 bucks struck me as a little steep, and my daughter would probably change her mind at the last minute anyway and decide she'd really rather go as a Kateri Tekakwitha/Pocahontas hybrid. So it looks like another walking tablecloth year.

Uh-oh, spouse emerges from shower. Gotta go.


Cupajello said...

...spouse emerges from the shower.... NOW THAT's SCARY.

Nice party thanks,

Jake Blues.

Sue said...

Glad you could make it, Jake. SV